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If You Are Not Inspecting Your Garage Door, Who is?

Your garage door may be brand new or it may have a few years under its belt. But no matter how old it is, you really should be paying attention to it. This doesn't mean that you have to spend hours looking at the sensors or the mechanisms every week, but there are a few things you can do to ensure your garage door has a longer life and can save you some trouble in the long haul! Because if you're not doing it, you can bet no one else is.

Start with the Batteries 

Your transmitter batteries will lose their juice from time to time, and it's normally the first thing that goes wrong when it comes to your garage door. So test the batteries before they fail on you. 

Next, Look at the Photo Eyes 

The photo eyes in your garage door are prone to getting dusty, which means they won't work when you need them the most. They can also move out of place. All you need is a cloth to clean the eyes if they're dirty, or a level to shift the eyes back into their original positions. There should be two photo eyes in your door, and they'll both need to be aligned before they work. 

Final Step: Alignment 

When the rollers and the rails of the garage door aren't lined up, the garage door will start to malfunction. It may work when it first starts moving, but then get stuck halfway through. A level can help ensure that you keep all of the rollers and rails in their position. And a rubber mallet is the best thing to use to move them back on track. You can generally see if they look aligned just through visual inspection. 

When your door isn't moving at all, it's time to give a repairman a call. Contact the team at Town & Country Door to hire a reliable garage door contractor to help fix any garage door issues you may have!

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