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Why Won't My Garage Door Close?

Garage door technicians have probably heard this phrase a million times from complaining customers. This is probably one of the most heard phrases in the garage door industry. You have probably tried pressing on your remote control gently or even banged on the static door because it will not barge. Well, fret not anymore, we are here to ease your morning/evening pain with your garage door chronicles. Let us review some of the common reasons why your garage door won’t close, as it should.


Most garage wall control areas have a vacation lock out/light button and the open/close buttons. You can disengage the "Vacation" button and try operating the door from your remote. If it works, use it as your safe-mode closing device.

Check the Sensors

These are mounted on each side of the door close to the floor. There is a receiver sensor and an emitter sensor. These sensors should face each other so that if they disengage from simple accidents like kids knocking on them or the garage can, other home appliances knocking them out; it disorients the sensors hence the garage doors won’t open. If you want to supersede the door, hold the closing button on your wall remote until the door closes entirely.

Check & Align Sensors

Make sure the sensors are on the clear ground, clean the lenses regularly and check the wires for any loose ends. Protect your garage door sensors from direct sunlight as too much light obstructs the sensors.

Check Door Sensitivity

Most door openers have a sensitivity set for opening and closing the door. Before you change the sensitivity, detach the opener by pulling the emergency lever from the door. If the door operates well, then reconnect the door opener and correct the close sensitivity. For best results, follow the manufacturer’s manual recommendations.

If no above suggestions work, pull the red cord from the wall remote (emergency release) and manually close the door. If you're having issues with your garage door, contact the team at Town & Country Door

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