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3 Ways to Tell If Your Garage Door Needs Repair

Garage Door Repair

Sometimes homeowners are confused about a garage door problem when in reality, it is their garage door opener that is malfunctioning, causing the garage door to struggle to open or close. One way for homeowners to determine if their opener is the problem, or if it is the garage door, is to pull the release lever on the opener cable and try to move the door up and down. If the door moves freely, both up and down, your problem lies within the garage door opener. It is not always as easy to pinpoint the cause of the problem when you realize that the opener is working fine, and the door is not. Generally speaking, there are three things to look for that will help you determine when you should make a call for garage door repair.

1. The door is off the track - when you examine the door, if the door is angled, or jammed, it is likely that the door has come off the track. This can happen through a variety of ways and it is crucial that you contact a professional to service the door. 

2. Broken springs, cables, or rollers - when you examine the door inside the garage, look up and you will notice one or more tightly coiled springs, rollers, and cables. If one or more of these are broken, the garage door will malfunction.     

3. The door is warping or sagging - If your garage door is warped at the top or bottom, it is time to call the professionals. These conditions suggest that the door is near the end of its lifecycle, and unless the problem is addressed, your garage is susceptible to undue cold temperatures, rodents, birds, and other pests.

Garage doors might seem like something most people could fix on their own, but many homeowners have experienced serious injury or even death while trying to take corrective action on their the garage door. People tend to forget how heavy the doors are, and with little warning, they could fall. When in doubt, contact the experts at Town & Country Door to improve your home’s appearance, efficiency, and safety.