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5 Garage Door Security Tips to Prevent Break-Ins

Did you know that one of the weakest points of security for the average home is the garage door? Read on to discover five things you can do right now to make sure you fortify your garage to make breaking in difficult for thieves.

1. Update to rolling code garage door openers.

If your automatic garage door opening system is dated, it is likely that thieves can open your garage with a simple code grabber. However, if you upgrade to a system that changes its code continually, then you will outwit the thieves.

2. Keep your garage door opener on your keychain.

Thought it may be very convenient to keep your garage door opener in your car, this is a major security risk if a thief breaks into your car. Instead, invest in a garage door opener that fits on your keychain so access to your garage stays with you.

3. Keep your connecting door locked.

Having a door that connects from your first floor to the garage is very convenient but this makes entering your house extremely easy for a thief after gaining access to your garage. To keep your home safe, use a deadbolt on the door that connects your house to the garage.

4. Lock your garage door when you're away.

When you go on vacation, take the extra precaution to padlock your garage door. You will need to enter your house through the front or side door when you return, but this small inconvenience is worth the heightened security of your home while you are away.

5. Don't let thieves see what's inside your garage.

By frost-covering your garage windows, thieves will have a hard time finding out if you are home or not. This uncertainty can deter thieves from trying to break in your home, as most thieves like to break in when no one is around.

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