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5 Garage-Organizing Tips That Really Work

Garages can quickly become full with clutter. However, organizing the garage can free up more space. This may allow you to store your holiday decorations in the garage, while still giving you enough space to park your car inside. Here are five garage organizing tips that really work.


The first tip for organizing your garage is to declutter it. You may have Christmas lights that no longer work, baby gear that you no longer need, or boxes of old paperwork that can be shredded. Take a day to pull everything out of your garage and go through it. This will help ensure you aren't storing anything you don't need.

Use Space On Your Ceiling

Your garage has a limited amount of space in it. Making the most of all of the space can help you to store more items. However, one area where people don't maximize the space is on the ceiling. You can hang items on the ceiling or install ceiling racks that can hold lighter items. This is a great way to store items that you only use seasonally, as they are up and out of the way.

Make Use of Your Wall Space

And speaking of making use of all of the space in your garage, be sure to use your wall space as well. Hooks can be purchased that allow you to hang bikes flush with the wall or you can buy a rack or shelving system to store totes vertically up the wall.

Group Like Items Together

Another great tip for organizing your garage is to group like items together. Keep all of your Halloween decorations together, keep all of your winter toys in one area, and keep all of your landscaping tools in one area. This will make it easier to find what you need.

Keep the Items You Use Frequently Most Accessible

The last tip for organizing your garage is to keep the items that you use most frequently most accessible. If you use your tools often, keep them near the door. Or if your child uses sporting equipment year round, make sure they can access it. This helps ensure you aren't constantly digging for the items you need regularly.

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