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5 Garage Storage Ideas for Organization

If there is one area of the home that can get out of control really quickly it is the garage. Crammed with everything from tools and equipment, to holiday decorations and even outgrown clothes, the garage is a haven for leftover stuff.

When your garage begins to look like a disaster area, it is time to get to work. But where do you begin to organize all of the stuff your family has accumulated? Here are some storage ideas to make organizing quick and painless:

  1. Use Those Walls: Utilizing wall space can double the size of your current storage space. By adding plenty of hooks to the walls, you can store everything from hand tools and ladders to sporting equipment. Even adhering a metal plate to the wall gives you space to stick small magnetic jars full of screws, nails and even fishing flies. To make organizing odd sized items easier, check your local hardware store for specialty hangers and storage bins designed to be hung from the wall. For instance, a rod holder can get all of your fishing gear up off of the floor and into a space that makes finding what you need easier while making room for other objects on the floor. The same can be done for balls, rakes, shovels, baseball bats, and more.
  2. Don’t Forget the Ceiling: Most garages have a fairly high ceiling, which offers several hundred square feet for storing large items like kayaks, bicycles, and even suitcases. Install hooks or even a platform that can be lowered with cables to make getting to your stuff easier when it is needed.
  3. Install Plenty of Cabinets: It may be tempting to install inexpensive metal shelving in your garage, but be warned: this can get messy very quickly. For a clean, more organized look, install cabinets instead. This will give you loads of space to hide away things you don’t want others to seem, plus give you plenty of counter space for commonly used items.
  4. Large Garbage Containers are Great for Storing Sports Equipment: do your kids have loads of sticks, balls and other equipment that they need on a regular basis? Line up a few large sized garbage containers along one wall to store these large items. Not only will it look neater, but it’s easy for kids to simply throw their stuff into, making clean-up more manageable.
  5. Install Personalized Lockers: if you have a large family, installing personal lockers in your garage can help prevent a mess inside of your home. Lockers give kids (and grownups too) a place to leave their shoes, coats, sports equipment and backpacks. Plus, it’s much easier for everyone to find their “stuff” if it is neatly stored in single place.

Organizing your garage doesn’t have to be hard. Getting rid the mess sometimes just requires finding a place to store all of those loose items. With these simple storage ideas, you can get your garage organized in no time.

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