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Common Garage Door Types

Since the garage door is a focal point of your exterior décor, it’s important to choose one that performs the function you need it to while complementing your home’s colors and design. Before you purchase a new garage door for your home, you should have a firm idea about which type will suit both your functional and aesthetic needs. If you’re purchasing the first garage door for your newly constructed home, it’s easy to find one with the right look and functionality, but if you’re replacing a garage door that you’ve had for years, you should take the time to discern whether you should keep the same garage door type, or find one that not only looks better, but will also make your garage more efficient and easy to use.

Swing Out

Garage doors that swing out, such as carriage style doors, are a good choice if you want to keep the ceiling clear or if the ceiling isn’t high enough to accommodate the mechanism of a roll-up door. Many homeowners choose this style because they like the distinct look it adds to their home’s exterior.

Swing Up

Garage doors that swing up are a popular choice for those who own older homes and want to match the design of the previous door. These doors are built as one piece and contain a similar looking track system as garage doors that roll up into the garage. In addition to the aesthetic appeal, many homeowners enjoy the canopy the door creates when it is in the open position.

Roll Up

The roll-up garage door is today’s most popular style because of its easy operation and ability to complement a wide range of home designs. Unlike with doors that swing out or up, homeowners don’t have to keep the area in front of the garage free from obstructions, which is especially useful for homeowners who have minimal driveway space.


Sliding garage doors operate like doors on a barn, hanging on rollers that ride along a track above the opening of the door. These doors can be quite large, yet the mechanism makes them easy to open and close. The length of the track is about twice the width of the doors, so this style is usually only found on very large garages.

Once you decide which type of garage door is best suited for the size and functionality you need, you can begin to search more specifically for one that will complement the design of your home’s exterior. If it’s time for you to purchase a new garage door for your Metro Detroit home, contact the skilled experts at Town & Country Door, LLC today for a free quote.