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Garage Door Maintenance For The Fall

Garage doors often get overlooked when people make plans for seasonal maintenance. However, it is important for you to check your door with the changing of every season because a little maintenance goes a long way toward preventing a major garage door replacement. This year, make sure to add these maintenance tips to your fall preparations.

Listen for Strange Sounds During Operation

It is common to overlook noises from your garage door when you tend to have the stereo on in your car. For this reason, you will need to grab your remote, and operate your garage door when you have no other sounds distracting you. While a garage door should make some noise, you should be concerned if you hear excessively loud squeaks or clanks. This often means that a spring or roller is going out. Since springs use high tension to hold the door, it is important to have a professional handle this repair.

Lubricate the Moving Parts

During your seasonal inspection, ask your garage door technician to show you how to lubricate the moving parts of your door. Doing so prevents wear and tear such as can occur when metal rubs against other materials. This also helps your garage door to move freely up and down the tracks so that it is less likely to stick.

Inspect for Dents in the Tracks

It is common for garage door tracks to be damaged over time. Whether it gets dinged by a piece of lawn equipment or your teenager bumps it with the car, even a small dent can interfere with the rollers. Small dents can sometimes be tapped out with a mallet, but larger ones may require a track replacement.

Check the Seal

Those fall winds bring cooler air, but that also means that rain and snow may be on their way. Prevent water damage to your property by making sure that the seal around your garage door is intact. You can do this by visually checking, or you can use your waterhose to spray around the edges of your garage door to check for leaks.

This year, welcome the fall with full confidence that your garage door is ready for keeping your car and other property safe from seasonal weather. By making garage door maintenance a priority now, you can have time to get things fixed before the harsh winter weather hits your property.

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