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Garage Door Maintenance Tips For The Winter

Protect Your Garage Door from Michigan’s Harsh Winter Conditions
If you live in Michigan, you know all too well how quickly the can change. Extreme temperature changes, freezing rain, and snow all play a part in garage door performance. 

Like any other door or window, garage doors can freeze shut. The only thing worse than not being able to park in the garage after a snowy drive is to have your car trapped inside when you’re ready to leave for the day. Not only is it a huge inconvenience, it’s one of those mishaps that could’ve been avoided- if only you’d have done these 3 little things. 

3 Things You Can Do Now to Keep Your Garage Door from Freezing Shut

1    Wipe down the weather stripping and look for cracks. This tip seems pretty basic, but most of us don’t do it. Just like the wiper blades freeze to your car’s windshield, the weather stripping can freeze to the cement- making it impossible for the door to open on its own. On the day’s when Michigan’s weather bounces from freezing to melting to freezing again, be sure to take a couple minutes to dry the weather stripping on your garage door and look for cracks. A cracked weather stripping can easily stick to the ground- and stay there- as you watch your door open. Contact Town and Country Door to repair or replace cracked weatherstripping before it becomes a problem.

2    Clean dirt and grime from the garage door track and rollers.  Over time, as you use your garage door, dirt and debris can build up on the track. Not only is this unsightly it can eventually clog the track and prevent the door from opening and closing. In winter months when the garage warms up and snow melts from our car there can be a great deal of humidity. Any water trapped by debris can freeze and also prevent your door from rolling up properly.

3    Lubricate moving parts.  Like anything mechanical, if it moves, it needs clean lubrication to keep it moving. After you clean the tracks and remove dirt and excess grease, use regular grade machine oil to lubricate the rollers, track, hinges, and bushings. Anyone of these parts can get stuck in Michigan’s extreme winter weather. After you have sprayed everything, be sure to wipe down the excess oil to avoid buildup. Regular lubrication will not only keep your door from sticking, it will also help your door last for years to come.

As a homeowner, you have several routine maintenance tasks to keep your home a comfortable and relaxing place to live. Be sure to include garage door maintenance to that list. If you are unable to perform this task on your own, or just don’t have time to do it, call Town and Country Door today.