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Garage Security Tips To Prevent Break-ins

Your garage door is the weak link, giving thieves access to your house. Once your garage has been breached the thief can pick a lock and enter into your house. When thinking about security, the garage is often forgotten even though it is the most vulnerable areas. There are some steps that you can take to protect yourself as well as your belongings.

Have a Security System Installed in the Garage
The best line of defense against thieves is having the security system installed in the garage. It should be connected to the home security system. If a thief tries to enter the garage they will set off the alarm and emergency services will be dispatched keeping your home safe. When selecting a security system there are several factors that you have to consider. Do not just choose blindly.

Keep the Garage Door Windows Covered
Uncovered garage windows make it easy for burglars to look through the window and window shop. This way they will know exactly what to steal and once they break it they will only be a few minutes in your home. To prevent this, cover the windows with blinds or curtains. You can also choose to apply a translucent film on the window so that light can pass through but one cannot see the inside.

Use A Timer
Every homeowner is guilty of leaving their garage door open when they are in a hurry. Probably you are late for work and you forget to close the door. Or you have children that are always so forgetful. Leaving the garage door open is giving an open invite to anyone who wants to come in. Do not rely on your memory, instead use timers. Having a timer installed it will shut the garage door after a set time keeping your property safe.

Your property is a great investment that should be kept safe at all times. One way of doing this is by protecting your garage.

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