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How Are Garage Door Springs Replaced?

Wherever you live, rust will find its way to your home. That's especially the case for your garage where the elements and weather changes can affect the functionality and look to your garage door. The main thing to keep an eye one are the springs, as they are actually part of the garage door itself and help raise and lower the door.

So, what happens when your garage door springs over rust and/or break? 

Before repairing anything, you'll need to know if your door uses extension or torsion springs. This is important in determining what will need to be done to repair and replace the springs. 

Since torsion springs are more common and last longer, here's a quick breakdown of how the garage door torsion springs are replaced: 

  • Measure Old and New Springs
    • This is important before purchasing a new spring(s) and obviously for the functionality of your garage door.
  • Mark Torsion Shaft 
    • The drums and torsion shafts need to be marked with a file or pen. These markings are to help level the door once the springs are replaced.
  • Unwind Old Springs
    • Carefully, the unbroken spring will be unwound before the broken spring. This takes a lot of precision, which is where a professional really comes in handy.
  • Loosen Torsion Hardware
    • This is another step that will be need done carefully and precisely 
  • Replace Springs
    • Replacing the springs takes several steps, including removing the shaft, inspecting and lubing the bearing, sliding off the old spring, adding the new spring and reassembling
  • Reinstall Torsion Hardware
    • After replacing the springs, next will be piecing the shaft, drum, cable back together for the door to function properly. 
  • Wind New Springs
    • Winding the new springs is the final piece of the spring replacement. 

Though it's very possible to replace broken, over rusted or nonfunctioning garage door springs, leaving it to the professionals is both safer and more assuring. 

If you're in need of garage spring replacement, contact Town & Country Door today to learn about how our team of professionals can help get your garage door up and running again.