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How Are Garage Doors Installed?

Garage Door Installation

If you were to walk up and down your block right now and ask your neighbors how to install a garage door, it’s quite unlikely that you’ll run into one who can tell you how it’s done. That’s because the best answer to the question, “How should I install a garage door?” is always, “Call a professional.” However, even though this is a job best left to those who have extensive expertise, it’s helpful for the average homeowner to have at least a cursory knowledge of how garage doors are installed.

In general, it’s best to tackle garage door installation from the bottom up. So, after the weatherstripping has been attached to the bottom panel, fix the panel in its place and nail each jamb on an angle into the door frame. This serves to keep the door in place while the other pieces are assembled and attached. After that, connect the rest of the panels or pieces together according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Next, install the rollers and brackets by placing them along the mounted jambs on each side of the door. Start on one side of the doorway, and slip the vertical track over the rollers on the first section. Then, repeat the step on the next side of the doorway. These instructions apply to attaching rollers and brackets to each of the sections. 

After the rollers are attached to each section, fasten the hinges that connect each of the sections together. This can usually be done quite easily with an average power drill or screwdriver.

Once all of the sections are hinged together, attach the jamb brackets to the track and fasten them into the framing. Don’t tighten the screws all the way, as you may want to make slight adjustments as you attach other sections. 

After that, you can begin to assemble the curved track by bolting the pieces together. Once you attach the track to the ceiling mounts, you should make sure that the horizontal track is perfectly level. If it isn’t, then your door won’t move as it should, which can cause extensive damage. After this is accomplished, you will either install the toque tube that came with your door, or, if you plan on using an electric opener, you will install that before the torque tube. 

As you can see, installing a garage door is an intricate process that takes time and expertise to effectively accomplish. Unless you’re a skilled builder or carpenter, it’s probably best to leave garage door installation to the professionals. If you’re in need of a new garage door, or you’ve purchase one and need it installed, contact the experts at Town & Country Door today for a free quote!