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How Do You Know When It Is Time To Replace Your Garage Door?

Many homeowners take their garage door for granted. However, the garage door is a useful and invaluable part of the average house. Not only do garage doors provide utility, but they can also boost curb appeal and the value of a home. Unfortunately, a garage door won't last forever, no matter what you do. Here is some information that will help you determine the right time to replace your garage door.

Persistent Noise and Repeated Breakdowns

Two signs that you need to replace your garage door are persistent garage door noises and repeated breakdowns. Without a doubt, the labor, service calls, and parts needed for repairs can be very costly. Therefore, if you're dealing with repeated breakdowns, it may be less costly to replace the garage door. Also, if your garage door doesn't work properly, it may pose a safety risk to you and your family members.

Antiquated Design

Many homeowners underestimate the influence of a garage door on the curb appeal of a home. If the design of your garage door is antiquated, this may make your property look unappealing and unattractive. Garage doors are large, so there is no reasonable way that you can hide it from view. Therefore, you should consider installing a beautifully designed and automatic garage door to boost aesthetic appeal and property value.

Lacking Safety and Efficiency Features

If your garage door lacks safety and efficiency features, it may be time to replace it. Modern garage doors are capable of providing excellent insulation to keep heat inside and cold outside. Sealing joints, bottom seals, and weather strips will all help keep wind out of the garage. Most modern garage doors also have many built-in safety features.

Many homeowners have a hard time determining the right moment to replace their garage door. For more information about replacing your garage door, don't hesitate to contact Town & Country Door today!