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How Do You Know When It Is Time To Replace Your Garage Door?

Often times, the garage door is a part of the house that tends to get overlooked until it’s too late. We often get the question whether or not homeowners should repair or just replace their garage door. Here, we discuss the signs that your garage door is beyond repair and needs to be replaced.

The first factor when deciding if you need to replace your garage door is safety. If you notice that your garage door can easily be broken in to, replace it! Your garage door shouldn’t be easy to open and the panels should fit snug in the opening. 

If you have a wooden garage door, broken or sections that are splintered are easy to spot and the door should be replaced. Other clues for a garage door replacement include:

  • Missing or loose panels
  • Wood that is rotten 
  • Garage door that sits unevenly on the ground 
  • The door has broken or loose hinges
  • Rollers that have popped out of their tracks
  • Rollers that are rusted and/or aren’t moving smoothly

New Door, New Style
Depending on your home’s aesthetic, it’s important to figure out the style of your garage door. Do you want it insulated that can increase your home’s energy efficiency? Do you want front windows on the door to see out? Your garage door is just as important as the front of your home, so why not get a style you like?

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