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How to Fix a Stuck Garage Door

Your garage door is the largest moving component in your home, and you undoubtedly rely on its ability to smoothly function when you need it to. A failing garage door can be a great inconvenience. They are typically very heavy, and if the mechanism malfunctions, you can have a lot of problems getting in and out of your garage. As with any mechanism, the components in your garage door operation may need service from time to time. There are certain instances when your only option is to call a garage door contractor to come and fix the problem, but if your garage door is stuck in the open or close position, there are some things you can do to fix it yourself.

First, check the batteries in your garage door remote to see if fixing the problem is as easy as swapping the batteries. If you open and close your garage door manually, check for any obstructions that could be preventing the mechanism from operating smoothly. The problem could also be due to insufficient lubrication. Weather changes can have an effect on the lubricant, so check to see if everything is still as lubricated as it should be.

Another possibility is that your garage door is hung unevenly. Check to see if all of the cables are the same length and that the springs have the same tension on both sides of the door. If you see cable slack and less spring tension on one side, then your door will need to be adjusted to hang evenly. However, depending on your capabilities, this might be an instance when you should seek the help of an experienced contractor.

Whether your existing garage door needs replacement or service, or you’re ready to purchase a new garage door for your Metro Detroit home, contact the professionals at Town & Country Door today for a free quote.