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How to Prepare Your Garage For Winter

Winter is quickly on its way. While some people may look at this as an opportunity for snowball fights and snowmobiling, others worry about the danger posed by the strong winds, heavy snowfall, and cold weather. A lot of homeowners are advised to properly insulate their home - making sure that windows, doors, and your roof are sealed to avoid cold air seeping in (potentially causing damage to your home's woodwork and furniture as well as making you spend more money to heat your home). One area that is sometimes overlooked however is the garage, and that is definitely not a good thing for a multitude of reasons. While you may not have things that are at highest of risks to protect in there, there are still things that you don't want to let be exposed in there.

Much like with your house, one of the first and best things to do is to check that the garage is properly insulated. This is done by checking and replacing the weatherstripping as needed and by adding insulation into your garage's walls to keep the cold out and the heat in (this also helps for the summer heat). Your garage door may also be a culprit of heat loss in your garage, so make sure to check on it, especially if you have not had a replacement or repair in a while. If you want to go the extra mile and protect the contents of your garage (and the garage itself), you can install a heating system if you do not have one installed already (it isn't too uncommon for a homeowner to de-prioritize their garage versus the rest of their house). Just be sure that you consult an expert for any efforts made in this area that you are not familiar with!

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