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How to Prevent Your Garage From Flooding

Garage Flood Protection

Whether you use your garage for work, storage, leisure, or all the above, it’s likely that the items and equipment you keep in there have importance or value, and during the rainy seasons, it’s especially important that you keep your garage protected from water that could lead to serious flood damage. When garages flood, it often results in thousands of dollars in damage to the items inside and, possibly, the entire structure.

Often, homeowners make the mistake of assuming their garage is protected from floods solely based on the fact that they don’t live in an area that’s prone to flooding. Whether or not you live in a low lying area, water can easily find its way into your garage and wreak havoc. As such, it’s important to take some easy steps to prevent this from happening.

You should start by removing everything from your garage so that you can carefully inspect the floors and walls for cracks that could allow water to leak in. If you see any, then take the necessary steps to seal them. This part of the process may seem like a hassle to homeowners who store a lot of items in their garage, but it could mean the difference between a dry garage and ruined possessions.

After you’re certain the inside of your garage is secure, you should inspect your garage door, as this is the water’s main point of entry. First, examine the rubber strips at the bottom and sides of the door. If there are any holes, cracks, or areas where the rubber has broken off and left an open gap, you should replace it quickly. The rubber strips are designed to seal the areas around the door, so they can’t function properly if they are not fully intact. Consider the rubber strips as your garage’s first line of defense against water damage. Once the seals are broken, your garage is at a much higher risk of flooding.

Finally, examine the garage door itself. If it’s an older door, the metal or wood may have started to deteriorate. One small crack or hole can quickly grow into a much larger problem, so if you see blatant signs of aging, it’s in your best interest to quickly replace it with a new door.

By taking the time to examine the inside and outside of your garage, you easily can protect yourself from costly flood damage. If your garage door needs repairs, or it’s time to replace it with a new one, contact Town & Country Door today for a free quote!