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How to Protect Your Garage From Excessive Moisture

Have you ever seen rust develop in the minutest amount near the chrome on your car and wondered how it got there? Many people don’t realize that having a garage is not enough to protect your car from moisture damage. Below are some tips to follow to keep your garage completely clear of excess moisture.

Garage Temperature Control. During the summer months the air outside your garage will be fairly dry (except for rainy days). For winter it’s entirely different. Sudden heat combined with cold creates steam which can surround your vehicle shortly after it is warmed up. To keep the temperature regulated and condensation at a minimum, use an electric heater in your garage. Steer clear of propane heaters which attract rather than diminish water vapor.

Ensure your vehicle is dry while it is in the garage. Rain or snow collected on your vehicle will definitely create water condensation if it isn’t taken care of right away. Any type of wetness left on your vehicle for a significant amount of time results in water vapor. Take some time to dry your car thoroughly with a cloth. This reduces the risk of moisture around your car.

Epoxy your floor. Durable marine shellac or several coats of epoxy will increase resistance to moisture. Some forms of epoxy have abrasives which keep the floor from being slippery. These coatings are excellent for areas that are moisture prone. Cement floor coating is also a good choice and the highest grade of floor protection you can find for your garage.

Make sure there is proper ventilation. It is very important to maintain proper air flow in your garage. The correct balance of air inside and outside of the area reduces the risk of moisture build up and condensation. Roof vents should be kept clear of leaves and any other substance that may build up and block fresh air from circulating in the garage.

Check drainage. Make regular checks on floor and roof drains to make sure they are not clogged. Clogs can cause water build up and leaks.

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