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How to Replace Garage Door Springs

Garage Doors Michigan

Garage door springs usually last for 10,000 uses.  Depending upon the frequency the door is opened and closed, that number can equate to a decade, or even 2-3 decades.  When the garage door springs break, they can fly off the frame and injure someone.  For this reason, regular check-ups are required by highly trained experts.  In the event the springs need to be replaced, follow these helpful tips to insure proper installation.

  1. Disconnect the garage door opener from the power source. 
  2. Disconnect the opener from the door.  Some garage doors have an L shaped arm, which disconnects the door from the opener and others have a neutral position which allows for the trolley disconnect.
  3. Pry the door open enough to get a scale underneath.  It is important to know the weight of the door.  If only one spring is broken, your door weighs 2 times what the scale reflects as one spring holds half the weight.
  4. Remove the eye bolt from the wall or angle iron.  This will allow you to remove the spring easier.
  5. Carefully remove the safety cable from the wall or angle iron.
  6. Remove the safety cable carefully.
  7. Hold onto the broken extension spring as you come down the ladder.  
  8. Disconnect the spring from the cable.
  9. Carefully examine the track and replace sections that appear weak or worn.
  10. Remove the bolt connecting the track to the angle iron.
  11. Remove old angle iron, measure, and cut a new piece.
  12. Attach the new angle iron to the track.
  13. Add another new piece of angle iron and reinstall the eye bolt.
  14. Fasten the eye bolt to the angle iron.
  15. Open the garage door by hand and make sure to do this on the side with the broken spring.  The door is heavy, so you might need someone to help.
  16. After the door is opened, use vise grips to hold the door just below the bottom roller.
  17. Examine pulleys and cables and replace if needed.
  18. Remove the bottom brackets from the door and examine.
  19. Slide the end of the spring in the eye of the eye bolt.
  20. Secure the eye bolt with vise grips.  Your spring is now replaced.

If these steps seem complicated, you’re not alone  Replacing springs on garage doors should be left to professionals due to the risk of injury associated with improper installation.  Those living in Metro Detroit should contact Town & Country Door today for a free estimate!