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My Garage Door Remote Stopped Working- What Do I do?

Your remote makes it easy to access your garage and home, without even getting out of the car; understanding how it works can help you troubleshoot when you have a problem. The remote control inside of your car works like a radio transmitter; it sends a specific code to your garage door opener. Both your remote and the opener are set to the same frequency, so when you push the button, the door operates. What happens when you push the button, though and get no results? Here’s how to figure out what’s going on:

Dead Batteries: By far the most common issue is the easiest to correct; if the batteries in your remote are drained or dead, then that remote can’t connect with the opener in your garage. Replace all batteries and try again.

Corrosion: Your batteries can’t power the garage door if they can’t connect with the remote. Open your battery compartment and check for rust or dirt. If the interior is dirty, rusty or wet, correcting this and then retrying can fix the remote.

Test the receiver: If you have two remotes, then try the other one to see if it opens the door. If the door opens, then you know your issue is with the other remote. If the door refuses to budge, the problem is likely with the receiver in your garage.

Look for physical damage: Check the receiver for damage; they’re up high, but can occasionally be damaged if you are moving tall items or kids are playing with balls or other toys. Remove any debris like cobwebs and make sure the antenna is still straight and intact. If the antenna is bent or pushed aside, correcting the angle may help.

Reset the system: Your opener and remote can be rebooted; doing this can clear any problems. Unplug the receiver and remove the batteries from the remote for about a minute. Replace and try again; this reboot could have reset your system and corrected the error.

If none of these fixes work, you have a more complex issue and should Town & Country Door for additional help with your garage door opener.