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Preparing Your Garage for the Summer

The cold weather is gone and it's time to get that garage in order for the summer months. That includes cleaning out the winter webs, insulating the area and rearranging everything to make it easier for you and your family to get to the items needed to take care of the yard and play around the neighborhood.

Here are some helpful tips to preparing your garage for the summer:

  • Full clean
    • Pull everything out of the garage onto the driveway to clean up everything. Sweep out dust, cobwebs and any dead insects that may have been trapped behind your items. Once everything is swept up, you'll have a empty canvas to work with.
  • Rearranging
    • When you're putting everything back into the garage, you'll be able to put the winter items in the back or up on the shelves as they won't be necessary for sometime. That includes sleds, shovels and snowblowers. It's also smart to put the summer items, like pool toys, athletic equipment and the lawn mower, in accessible areas.
  • Take care of the garage door
    • Garage doors can get pretty dirty throughout the year and with it likely to be opening all summer long, you'll want to clean it up so any users are not covered in dirt, dust or cobwebs.
  • Wall insulation
    • If you're looking to make some big changes to your garage, you could cool down the area and help protect your items inside by adding insulation to the walling throughout. This is especially a good idea if you spend plenty of time in the garage working on your car or have turned it into a "man cave".

There are plenty of things that will need to be cleaned out, moved and thrown away in your garage after a long winter and spring. So, make sure to use these helpful tips to preparing your garage for the summer.

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