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Should You Replace Your Garage Door Opener?

Garage Doors Michigan

Garage door openers are one of those things that homeowners rarely think about until it they malfunction.  There are some definite warning signs that signal the need for a new garage door opener, and while some are less obvious, they are extremely important.  The experts at Town & Country Door offer the following suggestions.

  • If your garage door opener was purchased prior to 1993, it probably did not come equipped with the sensors that sit a few inches off the ground.  These sensors send a signal to the opener when an obstruction is detected.  Sometimes the obstruction could be a yard tool, or even a string, but the obstruction could also be a child or pet.  Older garage door openers will allow the door to hit something in its path, which can have devastating consequences.
  • If your garage door opener begins to malfunction in any way, it is likely that it needs replaced.  Savvy homeowners know that garage door openers have come down in price and can frequently be installed by a novice homeowner with simple tools.
  • Newer garage door openers are easily paired with keypads, and some of the newer keypads allow for fingerprint recognition, or swipe patterns, which increases security.
  • If your garage door opener does not default to a locked position when the door is closed, it is time to replace the opener.  New garage door openers default to locked position when the door is shut and even come equipped with a battery back-up, which is handy during a power outage.

Contact Town & Country Door today to discuss your garage door opener with the experts.  They can ask you a few simple questions, which will help you determine whether your opener should be upgraded.  Don’t wait to be locked out of your garage due to a faulty opener, or for an accident to happen with your older model garage door opener.  Contact the friendly and helpful staff today at Town & Country Door, and let them help you get your garage door system back on track.