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Spotlight on the Stratford Collection

The Stratford Collection from Town & Country Door

Combining beauty and affordability, the Stratford Collection is the clear choice for homeowners who are seeking elegance and style while trying to stick to a modest budget. The Safe Guard system is a unique selling feature because of its available pinch protection. The patented pinch protection sections of the garage door enhance safety for homeowners and their children. These doors are not only designed to look stunning, they are also built with safety and durability in mind.

The Stratford Collection offers garage doors with window options that are designed to match the existing windows in your home. With more than 35 window insert and glass designs, you can find a garage door in the Stratford Collection that will perfectly match your home.

Wind load doors are built to withstand high wind pressures, and this feature can be added on to every model in Stratford Collection to significantly reduce the probability of having to make garage door repairs due to wind damage. When you choose the style that suits your home best, you can then inform our salesperson if you’d like to add the wind load door feature.

The Stratford Collection garage doors with multi-layer construction come with CFC-free insulation, which increases the thermal properties of the door so that you can manage the temperature inside of your garage. This is especially valuable for homeowners who have an attached garage. 

Whether you are interested in a simple, clean looking white garage door, or a color to complement your home’s color scheme, the Stratford Collection has something for everyone.

At Town & Country Door, we are pleased to offer the Stratford Collection to our customers who are looking for a garage door that not only performs the function they need it to, but also masterfully blends style and affordability. If it’s time to purchase a new garage door for your home, you don’t have to spend and arm and a leg to find that performs and looks like you want it to. Contact us today to request a free quote from one of our skilled garage door specialists!