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Tips For Making Your Garage Door Quieter

Does your garage door announce to the entire neighborhood that you are home? While there is some noise associated with opening an closing such a heavy door, it shouldn't be so loud that it alerts the neighbors to your coming and going or to wakes your sleeping children if you happen to come home during naptime. If you have a noise problem, try these steps.

1. Snug it Up

Loose nuts on the door or track will case rattling sounds. Grab a socket wrench or adjustable wrench, and find the nuts on the door and track. Tighten them until they are snug. Be careful not to over tighten them, but make them snug to reduce noise. 

2. Lubricate

Spray all the moving parts of the garage door with spray lubricate designed for metal applications. Check the top of the springs, the inside of the track, and the metal rollers and ensure they are properly lubricated. If you have a chain assembly, lubricate the chain. Finally, lubricate the hinges between the panels.

3. Change the Rollers

Metal rollers are noisy, and old rollers can also be noisy. If you have metal rollers, swap them out for nylon options. If you don't have metal, but still hear noise from your rollers, change them for new ones.

4. Add a Buffer

This step is a little more complicated, but will be quite effective. Add some rubber to serve as a buffer between the door and the opening track. Place thin rubber pads or pre-purchased garage door noise insulators between the motor block and the metal brace that holds it to the ceiling. Be sure to follow proper safety measures to avoid dropping the motor during this process.

It takes just an afternoon to perform these tasks. With a little bit of time, your garage door can be significantly quieter. If you are not sure about your ability to do these tasks, call a garage door repair professional at Town & Country Door today.