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What Are The Best Ways To Clean My Garage Door?

Your garage door is one of the most visible surfaces of a house and contribute greatly to the overall look of the home – especially given it appears on the front side of the house. As such, if you intend to maintain the appealing and welcoming look that your house has and have the door function effectively, make a point of effectively cleaning your garage door. Here are the best ways to clean your garage door.

First off, clean the windows and the surfaces using a mild liquid soap or detergent and water. It is best to use a soft sponge to avoid scratching the surfaces. A soft brush, also, works just fine. Be sure to clean both the interior and the exterior sides of the door. The detergent used should not be abrasive or harsh to avoid damaging painted surfaces. Once you are done cleaning, rinse the door with a hose. Be keen not to use high pressure as that may damage the garage door surface.

Allow for the door to dry. If the garage door is made of metal, you can wax it to restore the metal’s luster. After the garage door is clean and, that is when you can take time to notice where rusting, and paint flaking has occurred. Make a point of repainting to prevent the door from corroding further.

Now take time and clean the tracks. There is a lot of dust and foreign objects that accumulate in the tracks. Remove all the foreign items from the tracks keenly. You can use a broom or a hand brush to do this. Lubricating the tracks and the pulley system is, also, a key aspect in ensuring the door functions effectively.

The final step in cleaning your garage door is ensuring that everything in the garage is in its rightful place. Any items that may fall and obstruct or stain the garage door with dirt should be moved and placed in the right spot. A small item on the garage door track may affect the entire functionality of the door.

Cleaning the garage door should not be done only once in a while. The cleaning should be done routinely to ensure that it looks and stays perfect all year round.

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