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What Are The Most Common Garage Door Problems?

It's no fun when your garage door suddenly stops working properly, especially if there is bad weather or if you live in a neighborhood with high rates of auto theft or burglary. There are some common problems that occur with garage doors, and knowing about them ahead of time can help you prevent issues or deal with them quickly.

The Door Won't Open Or Close

There could be several problems that lead to a garage door that won't move at all. In many cases, the problem can be traced back to the remote or the opener mounted on the inside wall. The issue in these cases is most often a low battery, though it may also be related to the sensors on the door. Replacing batteries and making sure sensor lenses aren't covered with grime may be the quick fix you need. 


Garage doors made of wood are prone to warping over time, which can cause the door to stop working altogether or to open or close only partially. In these cases, the door can be shored up with tension rods that are installed on the inner side of the door in an "X" pattern. If you have an older wooden garage door, it is a good idea to put these tension rods into place before the door becomes damaged. If your existing door is already warped, the tension rods will help straighten it over time.

Noisy Garage Doors

If a garage door comes off its track, you may hear scraping noises when it opens and closes. This noise may also occur if worn tension springs aren't holding the door in the proper position. These springs must be replaced to address the noise. To avoid the high-pitched sound of friction, make sure the tracks of your garage door are lubricated with oil often enough to prevent that metal on metal sound that is worse than nails on a chalkboard. You should also oil the various moving parts of your door, such as bearings and hinges, to prevent excessive noise.

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