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What Happens If My Automatic Garage Door Gets Stuck?

An automatic garage door is something one takes for granted on a daily basis. However, when a garage door gets stuck, it can take away valuable time from one's day trying to fix the issue. There are a few common reasons a garage door will stick and a fix for each potential cause.

The first thing to look for if your door is stuck is to check the sensors. Most automatic garage doors come with two sensors located on either side toward the bottom of the garage that will stop the door from closing in the event the event that a child or pet is in the way of the door. If your door gets stuck, the first thing to do is look at both sensors and make sure nothing is in the way.

Another potential problem with the sensors is that they have fallen out of alignment. When working properly, the sensors are aligned and meet each other in the middle, if they are not in alignment the door will not move. In the event, this is the cause of your door not working you will most likely need to call in a professional.

For a garage door to open and close without issue, it requires proper lubrication. If the chain or the tracks on the door lack proper lubrication, then the door will stick. To fix this, you will want to use a spray bottle with lube and apply to both parts of the door, and that should do the trick.

Another common reason a door will get stuck is due to damage to the garage door track. The track can be easily damaged if hit with an object or can bend out of shaped by freezing air. If this is the case, try to hammer out a few of the dents on the track. For more severe damage, you will need a professional to come out.

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