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When Should You Replace Your Garage Door?

Your garage door plays a big role in your home’s appearance and functionality. Not only does it need to operate well to allow you to get in and out of your garage, but it also needs to look in place among the other elements of your home’s exterior decor. So, with an item that carries as much design and functional weight as a garage door, how can you know when the one you have should be replaced?

Improving the look of a home’s exterior is the most common reason for replacing a garage door. A garage door usually functions perfectly well beyond its aesthetic prime, so most homeowners decide to replace theirs when they no longer like the look of it. If color is the only reason for wanting a change, then that can usually be remedied with a paint job. But there are a number of reasons why homeowners opt to get an entirely new door, rather than replacing one. Perhaps multiple panels are rusted or multiple windows, if you have them, are broken.  Or maybe you have a wooden door that has warped, dried out panels. Those are good reasons for a replacement, as the cost to repair them may be so high that you end up losing money.

Damage, of course, is another reason why homeowners elect to replace their garage door. If your door sustains physical damage due to wear and tear, physical contact with an automobile, or high storm winds, then it’s likely you’ll need to shop for a replacement. Not only could the panels on your door show damage, but the force from the accident could put additional stress on the mechanism and cause it to malfunction. A damaged garage door poses a serious safety risk, so if your door has sustained serious trauma, then it’s a smart idea to replace it.

If you need to replace the garage door on your Southeast Michigan home, contact the experts at Town & Country Door, LLC today to get a free quote from a skilled contractor who will help you decide on the best replacement garage door for your needs.