New Entry Doors

New Entry Door Installation in Southeast Michigan

Michigan Front Door Installation | Town & Country Door - entry-door-installation-and-repair-servicesEnhance the look of your home while saving energy with a new entry door.

Doors are a critical functional feature for all homes, it not only can change how your house looks, but also lower energy costs. At Town & Country Door, LLC, we can swap out your old entry door and install a new, beautiful door for your home.

We offer high-quality entry doors from top rated manufacturers such as Weather King and Clopay. Your new entry door installation will add not only add convenience but security and appeal as well.

Whether you want fiberglass or wooden doors or you want decorative glass on your door- we can help. With a variety of designs, sizes, and obscurity, we have the perfect entry door for your style and your home.

Signs You Need a New Entry Door

Michigan Front Door Installation | Town & Country Door - entry-door-air-draftDrafts

If you've noticed cooler air coming from under or around your door-it's time to replace it. As doors age, the seals can begin to weaken and not be as effective at keeping the cold air out. When the seals weaken, they will start to shrink and crack causing that drafty feeling. This problem can also create a rise in your energy bills, so it's crucial to get it replaced as soon as you can.

Michigan Front Door Installation | Town & Country Door - moisture-in-door-panesMoisture Between Glass Panes

With older doors, over time condensation can begin to form between the panes of glass in your door. This can begin to cause issues, especially if you have a wooden door because mold and mildew can start to form. Be sure to get your door replaced soon as the last thing any homeowner wants is mold remediation.

Michigan Front Door Installation | Town & Country Door - door-water-damageVisible Damage

Over a lifetime, doors can take a beating from the constant traffic of opening and closing them. Visible damage such as cracks not only give insects a chance to enter your home but shows that that door is structurally weak. A wooden door can have stress fractures in the grains of the woods which exposes the inside of your home to the outside. A weak, cracked door can be a safety concern and will need replacing.

Enhance the exterior of your home with a new entry door from Town and Country Door

Check out our Entry Door offerings from manufacturer's including Clopay, Fox, Weather King, and Pella!

If you aren’t happy with the way your door looks, or it’s visibly damaged and causing issues, give the team at Town & Country Door, LLC, a call today.