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The Most Effective Ways to Insulate Your Garage Door

With the winter weather in full swing, everyone is concerned about the potential rise in their heating bills. Nobody wants to live in a cold house; however, heat is expensive and people are always looking for ways to improve insulation in the home. One of the major sources of heat loss is through the garage. Most people don't insulate their garages due to the little time that they spend in the garage. Therefore, the garage door is a common source of heat loss. Insulating the garage door can reduce this heat loss and save money. Check out some ways to insulate the garage door below.

Double-Bubble Radiant Insulation

The double-bubble radiant insulation is a material that is applied to the inside of the garage door. This type of material actually reflects heat off of the garage door and prevents it from escaping. If the garage walls themselves are insulated, this is a material that typically comes in a kit and costs significantly less than purchasing an entirely new door.

Foam-Board Insulation

Foam board insulation is used throughout a wide variety of locations throughout the house to improve insulation. Some companies have started adapting this to garage doors as well. The thick material does a great job of keeping heat within the home and prevents it from escaping through the door. Best of all, people can even install this material on the door themselves.

Fiberglass Insulation

This is one of the oldest and cheapest forms of insulation on the market. While people who are in a budget crunch might be interested in using fiberglass, it does need to be compressed and tied down. While foam simply requires some glue, fiberglass doesn't respond well to glue and needs to be attached to the garage door. People who are handy with tools can probably make this work. It is an effective form of insulation and the least expensive option.

Insulating the garage door is a great way to save money on heating bills. Put some of these tips to work and watch the savings roll in.

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